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😍5 minutes a day! Get in shape! 🔥Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

😍5 minutes a day! Get in shape! 🔥Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

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    Plank support is a method of muscle exercise similar to performing push-up movements. 


    • Increase the body's metabolic rate - Promote fat burning, and thus play a role in promoting weight loss.
    • Effective strengthening of the muscles of the latissimus dorsi.
    • Shape the waist, abdomen and buttocks.

    • Effective in strengthening the muscles of the back as well as the abdomen of the body and reducing the pressure on the spine.
    • Strengthens the core muscles and improves athletic ability and balance.


    • Reduces stress on your shoulders and wear and tear on your joints

    Unarmed plank support, joints are prone to pain and injury. Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer Comes with two soft, sweat-absorbing elbow pads to provide more stable support and safe movement, it also provides comfort for your arms.

    • Magnetic HD timer.

    Timekeeping data monitoring, support for positive / countdown timer. Allows you to plan your exercise time wisely.

    • Stable triangle structure and comfortable grip

    TPE soft grip, comfortable foam grip, easy to grip, comfortable training, patented design, and contoured cushion give you personalized support by relieving joint pressure.

    Counting design use button battery, model LR1130.

    • Adjustable Angle

    Contract your abdominal muscle through a full range of motion and keep your back from arching. Whole-body movement makes exercise more effective.


    Get into a prone position on the floor and support your weight with your toes and your forearms. Bend your arms and place them under your shoulders.

    • Hip height maintained, not over the shoulders.
    • Shoulders should over elbows.
    • The feet are separated by the same width as the shoulders.

    Keep your body straight at all times and in that position for as long as possible. To increase the difficulty, the arms or legs can be raised.

    If you want to increase the difficulty, you can lift a foot in the air, or lift a hand in the air.


    • Material: Sponge Soft Grip
    • Product size: About 52*32*15cm/20.5*12.6*6in
    • Net weight: About 0.56kg


    • Core strength training ≠ lumbar strength training, practice core strength is not to train the abs, but to allow you to better maintain the stability and balance of the body, so as to ensure the effectiveness and quality of your training in all cutting conditions.


    • 1 * Multifunctional Portable Plank Abdominal Muscle Trainer


    Q: What time is the best time to do planking?
    A: It is best to do it between 2pm and 5pm. This is because muscle speed, endurance and strength are at their best during this time. (If fitness and exercise training is carried out during this time, the effect will be better than other times). But because people are generally working or studying during this time, there are no special strict limits on the time to practice flat-bracing, as long as the movements are standard to achieve the desired effect.

    Q: How long should the support be considered good?

    A: In general, women practice flat support time is at least 50 seconds, men are at least 1 minute, can adhere to the best effect of 2 minutes, too short to train muscle effect will not be very obvious. In the premise of ensuring the correct posture, flat support for the strength and stability of the core muscle groups have a very significant effect, do not need to adhere to a long time, to achieve the appropriate effect can be.

    Q: How should I plan my training?

    A: Each training is best arranged in the afternoon or before the end of the evening 9:00. Training after meals should be done after 1 hour. Training four times a week is appropriate, each time in about 40 minutes. Also pay attention to a reasonable diet and adequate sleep, and you will be surprised after a period of time. (A professional bodybuilder once said that as long as more than 10 o'clock at night, he will not eat even if he is hungry again, but go to sleep. This shows that even if a day of training is achieved, you need to have enough sleep and a reasonable diet to have a bodybuilder-like body).

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